Product Details
UNBELIEVABLE stopping power: Unique Flashlight and Taser. 
Almost impossible to be knocked from your hand.
Squeeze activated. If the sound of 4000 Kilovolts of electricity doesn't scare the bad guy, the simple touch of the taser will change his mind and allow you time to escape or go to stronger weapon.

Key Specifications/Special Features:

Product features: self-defense, lighting 
Specifications self-defense LED flashlight 
1. Source voltage: rechargeable 7.2V DC 
2. Current capacity: AA 2.5A 
3. Output pulse voltage: >4000kV 
Self-defense multiple functional rechargeable LED flashlight

Features as follows:
1. Adopt high frequency oscillation circuit to improve output current
Large capacity dc discharge, the output energy is above
5 times than the original pulse type electronic riot
2. Heavy-duty ultra-bright LED flashlight, AAAAAAA circulation charging and the battery durability is high
3. Adopt inner charger input and convenient to carry
4. Aluminum alloy shell and fashion design
1. Source voltage: 7.2V DC
2. Current capacity: ≥2.5A
3. Output pulse voltage: >4000kV
4. Weight: 180g 


Product Details
Five O Blast Single hold Taser has the similar benefits as the knuckle Taser, with *3000 MORE Kilovolts and a different hold.

Incredible 7000 Kilovolts to stop anyone and also has the unique flashlight, remarkably bright for walking at night.

The sound alone of the voltage coming out of this is enough to scare the worst of the bad guys, However if they make the wrong choice, a quick bite of this will but them down and allow you the necessary time to get away and/or go to a stronger weapon.

Easy to hold onto even in a struggle.
Key Specifications/Special Features:
Electric shock easy-to-carry taser for self defense (1203)
Main function:
High voltage electric shock
Strong LED light
***Output pulse voltage: 7,000kV ***

High capacity rechargeable battery
Includes: stun gun 1203, user's manual, power line and
nylon holster
Product size: 125 x 65 x 25mm


FIVE-O BLAST Jr Taser / Flashlight

FIVE-O BLAST Knuckle Taser / Flashlight