Training and qualification needs for self protection

* In this LTC (formerly CHL) course you will be instructed and tested on requirements for the state of Texas in concealed & Open  handgun carry.

* Along with this training you will be expected to already have the basic knowledge of how your handgun works and be proficient in basic marksmanship.
* Due to the short amount of time we have to instruct a great deal of material  PLEASE become familiar with your weapon prior to the course.

* CHL / LTC (License To Carry) requirements can be found at

* If time permits, browse through the Texas use of force statutes at this link:

* Following classroom instruction, A handgun proficiency course will be shot that will include YOUR handgun and 50 rounds of ammo (assuming you qualify on the first of two chances)  *** Qualifications can be done at a later date, within 1 years

Course requirements: your paragraph here.

 Train - Fight - WIN !! 

Texas Peace Officer since 1990
US. Army 10th Mountain Sergeant / Veteran
Texas licensed Special Investigator
NRA Instructor
NRA- Refuse To Be A Victim Instructor

TCOLE (Texas Commission of Law Enforcement & Education Instructor
TCOLE Firearms Instructor.
DPS Firearms Instructor 
DPS School Safety / Guardian Instructor (Armed School Staff)
Gun Law Seminar Instructor
Texas Private Security Instructor levels 2-4 Instructor
ALERRT Instructor
ALERRT Exterior Response To Active Shooter ( Tactical )
ALERRT- Citizen Response To Active Shooter / Attack
Child & Parent gun safety instructor