License To Carry  Handgun


  Certification & Training  


Both Craig & Tommy  are currently serving law enforcement Officers with  28+ - 26+  years experience each.


Craig & Tommy  hold numerous accreditations and specialty classifications in law enforcement and training.


 Both are experienced firearms instructors, State licensed Police instructors, Active shooter instructors, Gun Law Instructors, Crime Prevention and personal safety instructors, State licensed special investigators , Hunters safety instructors and Child & Parent gun safety education instructors with classes


 Christian backgrounds and constitutional beliefs along with strong family and moral values. <><

Class fee is refundable if we are contacted of cancellation prior to 48 hours. We can also secure seating for next class.

Professional Texas LTC Handgun Certification course & Basic Firearms training by Veteran Law Enforcement Officers

 Private Course are conducted by Craig and are first come... Click the registration to see availability or schedule a weekday course.

Private classes at home or Business 3 or more students required $75 perstudent

**  Class Fee is $75 each and with 10 or more students the host is free.  **

Platinum Plus sign up

Platinum Plus Sign up

 *** SCHOOL TEACHERS & Veterans ARE FREE    *** with a paid student***

 ** With a Private class, there  needs to have a minimum of 5 paid students  (one for one)