Here at FIVE-O we pride ourselves with a vast amount of experience and expertise that we are honored to share with you.

Sadly in today's America, we can all expect to fall victim of some sort. We want the opportunity to train and arm you in that event, as well as give you a step up on that battle field.

The criminals don't care and rarely train, if at all. We want you to end the fight as quickly and safely as possible.

We want you to be knowledgeable and proficient when the time comes to defend and protect yourselves and family. 

Thomas Strange

District Attorney Special Investigator. Over 25 years in law enforcement.

Texas licensed Special Investigator.

TECOLE (Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Education Instructor

TECOLE Firearms Instructor

DPS firearms Instructor

Child & Parent gun safety instructor

Hunter Safety Instructor


Training and qualification needs for self protection

* In this LTC (formerly CHL) course you will be instructed and tested on requirements in the state of Texas for concealed & Open  handgun carry.

* Along with this training you will be expected to already have the basic knowledge of how your handgun works and be proficient in basic marksmanship.

* Due to the short amount of time we have to instruct a great deal of material  (4-6 hours), we CANNOT take time away from the other students to teach a block of instruction on basic firearms. PLEASE become familiar with your weapon prior to the course.

* CHL / LTC (License To Carry) requirements can be found at

* If time permits, browse through the Texas use of force statutes at this link:

* Following classroom instruction, A handgun proficiency course will be shot that will include YOUR handgun and 50 rounds of ammo (assuming you qualify on the first of two chances)

Train - Fight - WIN !!


Craig Darlow

US. Army 10th Mountain Veteran

26 years in Texas law enforcement.

Texas licensed Special Investigator

TECOLE (Texas Commission of Law Enforcement & Education Instructor

TECOLE Firearms Instructor.

DPS Firearms Instructor

ALERRT - Trainer in Active shooter

Hunter Safety Instructor

Child & Parent gun safety instructor

 Internet Safety for parents and children